Expansion Cost vs Rewards (Wisdom - pick 1)

Your Own Pro Mobile App ... the most Powerful Tool in the box


Cost: $499 a month + $500 Set Up

Projection: Our  App will Massively Increase and Simplify your

 Business and Income.


Current Referral Bonus:

  • 1-20  pays $50 one time each
  • 20+ also pays $50 Per/mth Pa$$ive Residual Income on any new sales.
  •  You get in the Passive Residual System of ongoing $ 

All Important Client Handling via Live Answer with Prestige


Basic Cost: $91.75 a month 

+ $100 Set Up

 Projection: This tool can Massively Increase and Simplify your Business. 

There are many options to personalize  this "MUST-Have-Tool" for your biz/cause.

Current Referral Bonus:

  • Referral -> $50 one time

  • You get in the Passive Residual System of ongoing $.

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The Must: Funnel + Leads


 Basic Cost: $50-$699 one time

 + Leads

 Projection: A Lead/Funnel System is a "MUST HAVE TOOL."  This particular Lead-Funnel System could Massively Increase and Simplify your Business.  We've used it for years and made thousands.

A way to get hundreds of  interested leads/mth

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  • You get $20+/month for any referrals  (on-going income )
  • A way make Pa$$ive Income on going
  • Make thousand$ / month or more?

Unique Ads/Gifts System



$50 a year 

[ get $25 per referral Plus ]

$175 a year

[ get $75 per referral  Plus]

$699  forever

[ get $300 per referral + + +  ]

 Projection: This Unique tool will greatly Increase  &Simplify your Business. 


***Consider getting in for one-time $50 for a easy to move product of 

great value and make $25/sale! 

Plus there is a Passive Residual aspect.

That's 50% no strings attached!

Plus it gives you FREE advertizing!

Free Gifts Program


Can Get in for one time $50.00

 Projection: A steady flow of free gifts normally Massively Increases and Simplifies your Business.  A new source of passive income that can be expanded!


  • Get a $250 free ad per month (Group-on like ads)  for a year! That's $3,000! 
  • Get a $500 Scholarship you can give away and make money by promoting. That $500 can easily turn into $5,000 as the child ages.
  • Get free products to keep or give away!---Both!
  • and MUCH MORE!
  • *note: you can get in and give without ANY COST!

Healthy-U Products & Courses


Health is a Must !!!

Goal:  Stay in health and wealth and make Passive Income while so doing.

A Very Hot Topic These Days!

We've combined  our hundreds of years of research and experience in this, as Health is Vital. Thus we now give you what we:

  1. Have  researched & tested
  2. Have vetted, tried & now use  
  3. Believe  in & offer our clients


  • CBD. - BEST we know
  • No-diet Weight Loss  
  • Sleep and Stress Aids 
  • + Lots more

The Goal: Get healthy & make $$$

  • Many Make $5,000  to $10,000 +  a month. Why not you?
  • Help your clients, staff, etc.
  • All can easily be done within your current business